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Kipling Davies-Colley

2020 Raw Quest Wellington Semi-Finalist

Who are you people!? What do you want with me!? Why are you laughing!?


Kipling Davies-Colley is a young-blood with few opinions and has no idea what he is doing on stage. Whangarei born and bred but a Wellington Comedian at heart, he aims to regularly confuse the audience and himself and never truly has ever known why he is doing this chuckle nonsense.


“He’s a f*cking tw*t.” -His Father


“One time I saw a plastic bag blow onto someone’s face and nearly choke them out and I guess that’s what it’s kind of like to watch Kipling.” -A Former Lover


“Who?” -Colin, the old busker guy with the microphone who sits outside the reading cinemas building on Courtenay Place.